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Building the runway to help your business transform

Whether you're at the take-off, scaling or transformation stage, we're here to help you build your people runway to reach your business goals. We work with you to develop your culture, people roadmap, and flexible processes to meet current and future needs.


How We Help Our Clients

HR Operations

Flexible, end-to end  people processes that support your culture in the short and long term

Performance Management & Career Development

Increase employee capacity through clear expectations &  feedback

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

Solve targeted business and people issues, for C-Suite, Executives and HR Leaders.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Create an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive

Manager & Leadership Development

Build great leaders who build high-performing teams

Employee Engagement

Maximize employee satisfaction and productivity

Who We Are

People Runway is a consulting venture by long term Silicon Valley people operations and organizational development experts, Dr. Candice Reimers and Shravanti Chakraborty. Together we bring 30+ years leading people operations, specializing in organizational development, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and building out people programs and processes in high growth environments.  We leverage our experience at Google, as founding members of Google’s People Operations team, where we scaled teams, offices, programs, processes and culture.


Candice Reimers


Dr. Candice Reimers brings 15 years experience working in staffing, human resources and leadership, team and organizational development. Over a decade at Google, she built people programs and processes during periods of high growth and significant change. Candice has worked with companies ranging from 10 - 5000 employees helping startup leaders and teams be their best. Her dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania focused on learning in startup networks.

Shravanti Chakraborty


Shravanti Chakraborty specializes in people strategy, organizational design, culture, diversity and inclusion, team and leadership development and human resources infrastructure for scaling organizations.  She has more than 15 years of experience leading people operations, organizational development, diversity and inclusion, and building out people programs and processes in high growth environments, such as at Google, Dell, and most recently

Abstract Architecture

We Believe

  • Trust is at the core of everything.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion result in better solutions.

  • HR can be a force for good.

  • Investing in culture, people and structures early drives better long-term business results.

Our Approach

  • Practical and results driven:  We drive for actions that yield the greatest tangible impact.

  • Partnership: We partner with you to understand your culture and goals and co-design the best solution.

  • Scrappy, Nimble and Scalable: We build light-weight processes that can scale with your company.

  • Honest and direct: We practice radical candor in every interaction.

  • Data-driven: We analyze data to identify core issues and measure our results.

  • Excellence: We constantly push the boundaries of excellence, helping you see what's working, while addressing any shadows, in our joint aspirations for excellence.

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