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Learning Together: From Crisis to Transformation

What a year this month has been. What unprecedented uncertainty. Schools are closed, some projected through Fall, marquee stores like Apple and Nike have shuttered their doors, and local mandates to shelter at home are rolling out across the US. In the last week, the market Volatility Index (VIX) posted at an all time high of 84.56. With reluctance, weariness, and likely a bit of fear, citizens in every sector across the globe are asking, “Is this the new normal?

As HR consultants, executive and HR teams are reaching out to us daily seeking advice as to how best to support and lead their companies during the dawn of this turbulent era. As untimely or hard as it may feel right now, we are working with leaders to step out of the present moment, towards the next phase of this crisis, on behalf of their teams, employees and customers. Leaders can feel especially isolated as they take action in calming and inspiring their teams while also building the vision and concrete plans for a new future, a new normal.

We’re capturing what we’re experiencing into a series of posts, and invite you to share your experience, guidance and other resources along-side. While we don’t know what the future holds, especially regarding the speed of COVID-19’s spread and related impact, we do know that leaders will have to transform alongside their companies.

As communities and businesses creatively rally to provide support and needed supplies during this pandemic, together we hope to learn from and with this community as well. It is our intention to share pragmatic recommendations for business and HR leaders on how to help businesses survive strategically and kindly. Please share your recommendations with us on LinkedIn or at If you’re a business leader hoping for further coaching or recommendations on how to help your team, please reach out to us at


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